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I am a compulsive drawer, I love to have a pencil in my hand and a blank sheet of paper, and watch things appear (on the bus, in my lectures, at 3am when I should be asleep...). I really like to be able to use art to raise awareness of human rights issues, and I love illustrating stories.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Mermaids! Contest winners

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 22, 2015, 6:42 PM
Congratulations to all the winners of the latest :icongrimgloomtale: contest, with the theme of 'Mermaids'. It was hard to vote, so many amazing entries!

In first place, Checanty whose work I can never go past. In this one I particularly love the shapes and colours and shading, and the way it tells a story.

Beach Holiday by Checanty

Some more of Jana's work:

25 rewrite by Checanty   Woodlandprincess by Checanty   Porcelain by Checanty

Second place winner: EccentricTeatime

Waterbaby by EccentricTeatime

More of Sammy's work:

The Clockwork Wimble by EccentricTeatime   Post-Morning Half Bruncheon by EccentricTeatime   Patron Saint of Children by EccentricTeatime

In third place, TrollGirl

Enigma De Profundis by TrollGirl

And some more of her work:

Two For Tragedy by TrollGirl   Happy Little Family by TrollGirl   Chesh and Totoro by TrollGirl

The literature winner is ThornyEnglishRose, with a very funny take on the original selkie legend that I loved!

Selkie Shores'You're from the mainland, aye?' the fisherman said.  'I'll tell you one of Orkney's legends.'
'Oh aye?'
'Ever heard of selkies?'
'Tell me.'
'Mermaids, lass,' the fisherman said.  'Nae the fish-tailed women of the deep, mind.  They're here on our very shores.  You see, selkie means -'
'Seal,' she said.  'I know.  Go on.'
'Well, lass, beneath the skins of each seal is a beautiful woman.  If one sheds her skin, and a lad finds it and hides it, she has to marry him.'
She laughed.  'Och, away with you!'
''Tis true, lass.'
'Why wouldn't the selkie do anything about it?'
'She cannae find her skin,' said the fisherman, 'and she cannae return to the sea without it.'
'Does she even bother to look for it?'
''Tis generally the bairns that find her skin.  Then she leaves her human family for the sea.'
'She must be weak-willed indeed to have this fellow's children.'
'They are weak-willed beings.'
'What about the bull seals?' she asked.  'The men?'

Some more of Rosey's work:

It's a... You DecideThe doctor said, 'You might: raise it as a boy; raise it as a girl; raise it as nothing in particular and see how it develops; or raise it as a popular attraction.'
The farmer and his wife had a lot of talking to do.  A girl would be useful for keeping the house, and never leave it as the others would.  She could not be married, of course.  A spinster living with her parents and then her brother (who was still to come) would not be thought odd.  People would ask for her hand, but reasons to refuse could be found.  After all, they had no shortage of daughters.
It was a son they needed.  If it were a boy, no one would ask to marry him.  They might wonder why he did not take a wife, but that was all right.  Lots of men were unmarried.  An unmarried man was more respectable than an unmarried woman.  Of course, men must work.  What if this child had neither strength to work the land nor intelligence to run the business?  The farm m
    Intelligent Zombies'If you challenge him, you get me.'
Catie stared at him.  It took her a long time to answer.  Eventually she said, 'We're soldiers, Doc.  We don't want you!'
They were standing on the roof of the research building, one in a lab coat and one in camouflage.  They looked down on the facility's well kept garden, fenced off from what was left of their world, and was Catie's world still.
'How typical,' said Dr Love.  'Just what I should have expected from the kill first, ask questions later camp.  You could really use someone with my brains out there, young Catherine.  How do you hope to end this madness if you're only adding to it with your senseless violence?'
'Dr Love,' said Catie.  'You wouldn't last five minutes “out there”.  I mowed down fifty zombies to get over here, and now you tell me it's because you can't control one of your own!  How do you expect me to take you seriously?'
Dr Love looked sheepish.
'He's not hu
    Burning BrightLife is lousy if you're not top cat.  You get off your mama's tit straight onto a slippery slope.  Top of the food chain, am I?  Well, I'll tell you about the food chain.
Buffalo, asses, monkeys, all kinds of deer, right?  Right.  Ripe for the picking, right?  Wrong.  Even if there's plenty of those jokers around, everything's after them.  Vultures, wild dogs, snakes, leopards, us.  The lions stick to their own turf.  They know any of us could rip out their throats faster than a cobra could spit in their eye.  But the others?  Sure, if they're all scrapping over a carcass, along comes a tiger and they all scram.  The tiger gets the goods.  But that tiger's always got to be top cat, see?
My sisters went to find places where the water's cool and the grass'll hide your hide while your meal's taking a meal.  Those are good places, where once a year the top cat comes round, leaves with a bellyful of meat and leaves t

And I was so honoured to be the distinction winner! My 'Mermaid and Merrow' from my dangerous creatures from folklore series got the distinction :)

Mermaid and Merrow by erinclaireb

Well done to all the winner, it was a great contest and I loved seeing the entries!

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